Country #13 – Kyrgyzstan: Long, Long Time Ago or The Blurry Picture

In the week when my number of Instagram followers has hit 1500, I want to write about a very special photo…

It’s old. Very old, in fact. It was taken on a film camera and I found it when visiting my parents about a year ago, right before our trip to Altai. I thought that up to that point I’d ridden in 12 countries, but when I looked at this picture I realized that I had one more country under my belt. Kyrgyzstan was country #13 in my list (or country #1 as it was at the end of the 1990s).

It was one of those sunny July days, which my best friend and I – still students – were spending in our university camp. I don’t remember what we were doing, but then we saw a horse. Of course it wasn’t a wild horse, a local man, advanced in years, was riding her.

So we somehow managed to negotiate the price with him in Kyrgyz language (It’s similar to Kazak, which we unsuccessfully studied in school!) and even learned that the horse’s name was Zhuldyz – a star in Kyrgyz. Anyways, we had the horse at our disposal for half an hour (15 minutes each). The only open place to ride was a football field. There was no time for changing clothes, or even flip-flops to sneakers, and we didn’t have helmets (why would somebody need a helmet to ride a completely unknown horse?)… but nothing could stop us.


The results:

* Happiness – 15 minutes;
* blurry picture – 1 piece;
* bruises – too many to count;
* completely ruined friendship with the football team (“The Star” decided to leave some free souvenirs right on the field :-));
* and the reputation of geeks (for reading in public and not partying till dawn) – changed to “The complete nutters”

But who cares?

P.S. For much better quality pictures from my other travels, visit my Instagram account @equi_geo :-)

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