Country #6 – Singapore: One Step from Equator or Who Would Give a Horse Such a Boring Name?

So that time, thanks to exhausting 2 weeks business trip, I almost got to the Southern hemisphere as Singapore is only 88 miles away from equator. And thanks to its location it has tropical rainforest climate, meaning that daily weather forecast are quite a useless thing here. Temperature is always 24-30 degree, humidity is always over 80% and you should always have an umbrella with you.

The fact that my business trip lasted 2 weeks gave me the great opportunity to have a weekend in one of the most exciting and vibrant cities of the world. So I tried to squeeze everything possible in those 2 days: relaxing beach time, trying different types of food (Chinese, Indian, Arabic and more), museum visits, shopping and of course horse riding.

Singapore government is doing its best to turn the whole country into a giant park, so locals and guests alike can enjoy jogging, cycling, strolling and even riding in the heart of the city.

While I was looking for the place to ride I found out that in Singapore school students can actually choose horse riding as a subject. Would you believe? Unfortunately lots of stables require having a membership if you want to ride their horses, so the only good option for me was trail riding in the Gallop stables.

Gallop stable is a great place for family holidays, it has something to do for kids and adults of all ages: stable tours, renting ponies and horses for birthday parties, events and photoshoots; it also have tack shop, horse garden, yoga, dancing and archery classes.

Upon arrival I got lovely grey gelding named Grey Stone. I don’t know how he got this name, but to be honest he didn’t deserved it.


Then I had to spend about 20 minutes trying to convince James, Gallop Stables riding instructor, that I can ride and have no intention to fall down.

From what I can saw and heard he was not too happy with the results. Not that I’m the most experienced rider in the world, but my riding skills level normally was more than enough for all the previous and following rides :-) But not with James. He shouted orders and meticulously observed my moves. And something was constantly wrong. First my canter circle was not round enough, and when I made it rounder it wasn’t good either, because now Grey Stone had to step into one of numerous puddles on the arena, and so on.

And of course the more negative feedback you hear the more nervous you become and it doesn’t help either. In the end of my test I was intimidated to that degree that I lied without any reason :-) answering James question about length of my riding experience. I told him that I regularly ride for a half a year, while in reality it was more like year and a half. :-)

So I’ve experienced a huge relief when I was finally allowed to go on the trail ride.

We went through the tiny forest to the racing course, were we cantered a bit, which got us covered with mud drops. Then trotted even further away from the stables to the bigger grass covered course which was used both for racing and for eventing. Here I wasn’t allowed to canter, only trot, because the wet grass could be very slippery.

James with horses

James with horses

After Bahrain deserts seeing the greenest parks of Singapore makes you a bit dizzy. On top of it, it was raining. Luckily enough in Singapore it doesn’t count as a reason to cancel a ride. :-)


I know pictures are rotten potato quality, but it’s best you can get when humidity is over 90% :-).

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