Seven Reasons Why the Museum of Vintage Carriages is Worth Visiting While in Rome

One – Le Carrozze d’Epoca (the vintage carriage museum) is one of the largest vintage carriage collections in the world. Initially started as a private collection of the interpreter Romolo Appolloni, nowadays the collection includes over 290 carriages of all styles, epochs, and origins. A total of 139 vehicles are available for visitors to see in a specially built 3,000 sq. m. exhibition hall. You will find sledges and fireman wagons, Roman chariots and winemaker carts, omnibuses and portantinas, special carriages for children and mail coaches, skeletons and spiders (yes, these are the real names of carriages types), and many more.IMG_5403

Two – you will see some authentic carriages created in the 18th century

Three – some of the carriages presented were used in famous movies and opera performances, such as Ben-Hur starring Charlton Heston and The Quiet Man starring John Wayne, among others. The museum also houses the authentic carriages of some famous people, such as the cab of Anna Magnani and the landau of John Paul II, which he used in times of his episcopate in Poland. IMG_5369

Four – Apart from all types of carriages, you will find the entire room packed with harnesses and tacks from all around the world.IMG_5353

Five – Unlike other Rome attractions, this place is not crowded, to say the least. So you have enough time to check the exposition in detail, without feeling rushed by other visitors.IMG_5375

Six – You are welcome to take pictures.IMG_5394

Seven – You can learn some fun facts you probably never thought about before, such as why poor carriage owners painted their carts and the rich didn’t or how camp WC looked like in the 18th century or how amphibian vehicles are at least 250 years old!IMG_5346

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