The Neigh Club: The Beginning

My Equigeo project started six years ago. It has been a thrilling and eventful journey so far, and I have no intention to stop. In fact, right now I’m planning my international rides in Luxembourg and Denmark.

Traveling to different countries and riding dozens of horses taught me a lot. And probably most exciting part of my adventures was meeting extraordinary equestrians along the way. Be it an old Iraqi man, who despite all odds operates a riding school near Mosul, or Real Escuela riders devoting their lives to keeping the Doma Vaquera tradition alive, or an Icelandic family that for three generations has provided riding tours to thousands of tourists every year, or the real-life horse whisperer from a Czech forest. The list can go on and on.

Talking to these people, I couldn’t stop thinking that their stories couldn’t wait to be shared. That’s how the idea of “The Neigh Club” came to life.

Each month, I will interview a remarkable equestrian. And I invite you to join me on that journey. Learn what makes these people special, get inspired by them, and discover what it takes to pursue your passion.   

Stay tuned and ride on to your dreams!


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