Country #36 – Luxembourg: Wordpress Meet-up and Learning to Ride with Your Mind

Horses, blogging, and blogging about horses changed me dramatically. From an introverted homebody who panicked every time she needed to leave the apartment or even call or ask a stranger about something, I turned into introvert who is more socially functional and who can, if you can believe it, get and accept invitations to meet up with fellow bloggers who she has never met in person before. :-) And even though I still feel a bit awkward while traveling to the new places or meeting new people, I always remember this phrase I heard somewhere: people are the same wherever you go, and good people prevail. And in my experience, that is especially true for equestrians. I’ve already written a story about my Instagram meet-up with Matilde Brand last year, and this story is about my WordPress meet-up.

About a year ago, Aoife commented on my article about visiting the living museum of Ardennes horses.


Aoife records her daily adventures with her beautiful mares Kika and Nancy in her blog Pampered Ponies here on WordPress.

Naturally, when I got invited to Germany for a conference, I decided to fly in a couple of days earlier and finally tick the “Ride in Luxembourg” box off my wish list.

The timing couldn’t have been better, as I not only met Aoife and rode Nancy in a Luxembourg forest but also got to participate in a theoretical part of the “Ride With Your Mind” clinic.


The session was packed with eye-opening ideas, great examples, exercises with a gymnastic ball, and fun (especially when someone was asked to pretend to be a horse for another person). Elaine has a ton of experience, so no riding questions were left unanswered. As Aoife is a far more disciplined blogger than I am, you can check out the details of the clinic on her blog:

The next day, I met up with Aoife at about noon, and we brushed and saddled the big, sleepy girls and went out to explore the Luxembourg forest.

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Impressed by the previous day’s lecture, I was trying to keep my back straight and sit bones down and plugged in, but I guess while chatting with Aoife and admiring the blossoming Luxembourgish spring, I lost focus quite quickly.


That perfect day was another confirmation of a universal law: all our dreams come true sooner or later, one way or another. I had hoped that Luxembourg would be my country #20, but if it had been, I would have definitely missed that awesome spring day and a chance to make another equestrian friend.

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I’d like to finish this post with a bunch of thanks:

A million thanks to Aoife for leaving that comment on my post, inviting me to the RWYM course, and allowing me to ride Nancy.


Thanks, hugs, and kisses on the nose to Nancy, who was a perfect host and allowed me to see Luxembourg through her ears. :-)


And big thanks to Elaine, who helped me to understand some riding principles better.

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