Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony


They say photography perfectly captures a moment in time. That wasn’t really the case with this one. Serenity of this photo is million miles away from what I felt in the moment @mariaphotockicks captured it.

First, I had to wake up at 4 AM to get to the beach before sunrise. And yet it was hot and very humid already. Everything, literally everything, went not as planned: Romeo refused to step in the sea for good 20 minutes and when he did he pretended to be afraid of that red flying fabric. My dress was too small and obviously not fit for riding. On top of it I was barefoot without stirrups and didn’t feel very comfortable on the prancing horse…

I assumed we didn’t make a single good shot. But couple of days later Maria sent me this picture. I don’t know how she managed it, but it looks so peaceful, content, and so harmonious.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

IMG_2751Foggy Saturday in Bahrain. +12 C, and this is probably the coldest it will get this winter. Romeo is a Fog Catcher today – look at those droplets of water in his ears and on the forelock :-)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time (Machine)

This week let me take you back in time and show you the great grandfather of Formula 1 races. There was a time when “stables” meant the place smelling hay and manure, rather than the Italian motor racing team.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimism


This is Dream. He is 20 years old. He knows that ageing is not necessarily a bad thing. His teeth are getting longer? No problem, his smile is even more dazzling this way. Be like Dream. Be Optimistic.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

According to the Guinness Book of Records Cambodian alphabet has the most letters – 74! Alphabets I use the most are way shorter: Russian has 33 letters and English only 26. But the shortest one I use daily has just 11 letters, of which three G, X and D are invisible.

We, equestrians, use these letters to guide us, as if they were signs on the map. We “spell” school figures with them. And we often find it difficult to remember their exact sequence until someone teaches us a simple rhyme: All King Edward Horses Can Manage Big Fences.


On this picture Dream helps me to spell a word “Diagonal” :-)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)


At first glance it might seem that Romeo is almost levitating on this picture. From this angle you only see his front right hoof touching the ground. But in fact he balances about 1300 pounds (his own weigh, my weight and tack) on the diagonal pair of his elegant legs while performing Spanish walk.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle(s)


Circles on the sand… Not one, not two, but thousands of circles in walk, trot and canter day by day… It looks simple, but riding a perfect circle is a hard work. So much that George Morris stated “Riding a horse on a circle creates an added workload similar to us riding a bike up a hill against the wind.” :-)

At times riding those endless circles may seem boring. But look at this from another perspective. Every circle you ride is a little lesson on suppleness, straightness and use of the aids.