Ride Egypt or a Day in Paradise

Last month I visited my friend Emma, who is running Ride Egypt company in Hurghada,  Luxor and Cairo. And i had another chance to ride beautiful 4-year-old mare Zahra. But this time i was smart enough to have the GoPro camera with Dome Port with me.

I still cannot select the best picture from that 30-minutes-golden-hour photo-shoot so I just leave all my favorite ones in the gallery :-)

Useful links: Emma’s Instagram @ride_egypt and site http://www.rideegypt.com

EquiGuess #18

The city of Troy is the city in the modern Anatolia region of Turkey. By the way, some historians suggest that Trojan horse wasn’t really a wooden sculpture of a horse (replica of which you can now see in the Canakkale Waterfront) but rather a ship called “hippos” because of its front being decorated with a horse’s head.

Equiguess #17

It wasn’t so easy to guess, even though the name of the country is a clear indicator. St. George, usually depicted as mounting a white horse, is the traditional patron saint of Georgia.

EquiGuess #14

To my taste, the 25 Iraqi dinar note is one of the most beautiful banknotes in the world. However, despite collecting coins and banknotes depicting horses for over 10 years, I still don’t have the 25 Iraqi dinar note.

Because of Horses

Hey, Everybody!

Couple of weeks ago i had a pleasure to discuss my weird hobby with amazing Elise Chand – the owner of Because of Horses podcast.


If you want to listen to the episode you can find it by the below link: Trotting the Globe with Yulia Frolova

In addition to being available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, Android, Stitcher, TuneIn, PlayerFM, and other podcast apps, your episode is also available on Alexa and on Google Home. Just say, “Play podcast Because of Horses.”

Because of Horses is an amazing podcast which is full of heartwarming stories told by remarkable equestrians from all over the world. Make sure to subscribe!


Here is a link to Because of Horses’ Facebook page:   Because of Horses Podcast

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EquiGuess #11



And this country is Russia. On this day, all the horses have a “day off.” They are fed full, bathed in nearby rivers, and decorated with colorful ribbons. Then the well-dressed horses are led to churches, where they are blessed by holy water.

By the way, my surname (Frolova) is the derivate from one of these Saints names :-) What a coincidence :-)